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Here you will enjoy to try and explore :

an automated effects that can be started in your body or temporary bound up to a distant land or place

By pressing a button, an event will occure. It is an energy event in most cases. Your body can feel this effect in dependancy of your sensibility. So there is a chance to feel nothing if your current sensibility is low. Even if you are not in a mood to feel anything, the started process still works. There are a helpfull explanations on every effect and for what purposes and situations it can be used. By picking one, that your purpose will be satisfied, just be perseverant and a lasting result will come in a way that you will feel it.

Most of the effects are set to be in a several minutes period, and the effect occasion is started just after the button's click. The click affects the person who press the relevant button.

There are several categories which group the effects by its purpose and ascendency over the body. You can test and choose your best buttons, so you can click on them several times a day, and several times a week.

A new categories, buttons may be added in time, so check them, and Enjoy