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 Basic Recapitulation tool

Recapitulatoin is a breathing techniqe of remebering and living through a moments from the past. There is a manual way to do this, but here the method is automated. So everithing you need is to choose the subject of the recapitulation. This may be an event, very emotional event, sexual event, every day event, or some speech, or some relationship with a person, or some event with a person, or some party, or it can be an energetic recapitulation of an event (what your energy body experienced, viewed), or it can be organized like all dances, or all runs in the park, or all from your current job, or all from your first job, your birth also, your childhood, and etc.

In the field below just type what you want to be recapitulated.
You can use any language to explain the subject, so you can write on your birth language.
Select a time interval
For now there is no way to knew that the process is over before the selected time. So choose carefully and with responsibility. Use this form only in the ways you have no time to do a normal recapitulation by your own or in the way you can not remember a particular moment or event by your manual try.

After the process comfirmation you may experience different effects, some of them can be seen like there is a screen in front of you where a pictures from your past will come from your left side to your right side, like a slideshow. The best body position and awareness position for the recapitulation is your favourite and most comfortable meditation position. A good practice is to try to locate any diferences in the body, and the way you feel.

One warning is that you may feel the same emotions right now just like in the event was. Sometimes this is the only way we can go throught the rought part of our past, and this emotions can be very hard to be lived again.

One more warning about this tool is that after the recapitulation there will be an empty space for something new. New horizons, new abilities, new chalenges, so be careful using this tool. If you hear about the recapitulation for the first time please read a lot about that first, do some manual and after all of these you can try here :)
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